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Celebrating Reverend Martin Luther King Jr’s Legacy, Part 2

    By Kathie Malley-Morrison &  Anthony J. Marsella Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., is gone, but his legacy of peace, justice, and nonviolence endures. Hallelujah! Celebrating that legacy should not be consigned to one day. Let’s strive for an MLK … Continue reading

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Recovering from the Violence Done

By Kathie MM Violence is oozing its way steadily into our daily lives — into our theaters, churches, homes, and schools. It’s happening right here in the US, but also around the world with a little help from Uncle Sam. … Continue reading

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Engaging Peace vs. Lemmingcide

by Kathie MM Engaging peace.  For what purpose should we engage peace? To resist violence. To prevent violence.  To end violence. Violence is life-shattering, life-destroying. Peace is life-affirming, love-affirming, future-affirming. Right now life on Earth faces the most violent assault … Continue reading

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Getting to Good


By Kathie MM In a response to my recent post  honoring Gene Sharpe for his long commitment to nonviolent opposition to dictatorial regimes, Ed Agro commented, “the prescriptions are of little help in the next step: once the struggle is “over” – … Continue reading

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